The O’Hara brand

O’HARA was founded in 1994

Inspired by the charm of the old south of the United States, this brand is the result of diversification of the Beneteau Group, the world leader in nautical industries, and has continued to revolutionise the campsite accommodation world. 

O’HARA’s mobile home designers don't want to do what everyone else is doing. They want to do what no one else is doing.

O’HARA dares to adorn the exterior of its homes with vibrant colours you’ve never seen before!

O’HARA has recast its rooms in the style of hotel rooms.

O’HARA has made waves with its island kitchens and real sofas.

Year after year, O’HARA continues to reinvent itself, creating new sensations time after time.

In 2018, O’HARA pushed the boundaries of mobile homes, completely reinventing the interior to gain 13% more space.

In 2019, O’HARA’s Key West exquisite capsule collection created a feeling of being at one with nature.

Inspired by the environment, in 2020 O’HARA pushed the limits of functional design by unveiling its Garden Side residences.

O’HARA aims to surprise, buck the trend and shake things up. It’s what makes us tick and feeds our constant desire to innovate!

O’HARA’s main goal is to provide visitors with a holiday experience like no other with its unique homes. 

In 2021, O’HARA is offering privileged customers the opportunity to discover a unique outdoor living environment. Delve into luxury campsite accommodation HERE.