Become the owner of your mobile home

Legal framework reminder

What is a mobile home according to French legislation?

‘Mobile homes’ or ‘leisure accommodation vehicles’ are defined as ‘land vehicles fit for habitation and intended for temporary occupation or seasonal leisure use‘ » (decree no. 2007–18 of 5 January 2007), and may not therefore lawfully be used as a main or permanent residence.

Become the owner of your mobile home

Where can I set up my mobile home?

The law sets out a specific framework for the set-up of a mobile home, authorising it in the following scenarios:

  1. You have rented a space on a campsite.
  2. You have purchased or rented ground in a residential leisure park (PRL).
  3. You are building or renovating a house. In this instance, you can set up your mobile home during the works on private ground (subject to the approval of the mayor in the town in which the construction is taking place). Except in these specific cases, it is forbidden to set up a mobile home on private land.

Due to its legal status, the leisure accommodation vehicle shall not be considered a building and is not subject to a building permit. Not considered as a genuine secondary residence, it is not subject to residence tax, however visitors must pay a tourist tax.

The essentials as you begin

Choosing between a two- or three-bedroom mobile homes.

This is often the main question for many of us. If you host frequently (friends, grandchildren, etc.) or you need more space (storage, dressing room, desk, etc.) you should bear this in mind and opt for three bedrooms. And what about a central or panoramic living space?

Most mobile homes have a central living area with the bedrooms located on either side of the mobile home with the living space in the middle. The panoramic living space is particularly suitable for plots with unobstructed views. Running through the home, it embodies the concept of separation between day and night areas.

Become an owner

What is the warranty on an O'Hara mobile home?

The builder offers a three-year warranty on the exterior (cover insulation and structure), a two-year warranty on the interior (windows and doors, layout and water/electricity/gas systems) and a one-year warranty on household appliances. The dates of these warranties come into effect upon the handing over of the keys.

How much do I need to budget?

Several factors must be considered when purchasing a mobile home, including:

We advise that you request a ‘turnkey’ rate from your dealer, i.e. delivered, built, wedged and connected on your chosen campsite plot. For a new mobile home, the overall budget varies between around €30,000 and €60,000 including VAT.
If you need financing, speak to your advisor who will provide you with tailored financing solutions.

Can I receive financing?

There are several options if you wish to receive financing.
You can contact your usual bank and consider the options for financing all or part of your mobile home. Or you can go directly to your distributor advisor who specialises in the outdoor accommodation market.

How and where do I purchase my O'Hara mobile home?

By choosing an O'Hara mobile home, you’re benefiting from the know-how of a major builder with more than 20 years’ experience. Our distributors and campsite dealers are on-hand to support you with your purchase, from sourcing a plot to choosing a terrace and handing over the keys. To find your nearest professional, click here.
Let us know which department will be hosting your mobile home and we’ll provide the contact details of our O'Hara partner in that region. For all information or documentation requests, click here.