Legislation and regulations

What is a mobile home according to the legislation?

Mobile homes’ or ‘leisure accommodation vehicles’ are defined as: “Land vehicles fit for habitation and intended for temporary occupation or seasonal leisure use, which have the means to be towed but whose circulation is forbidden under the highway code.” (Decree no. 2007–18 of 5 January 2007 implementing order no. 2005-1527 of 8 December 2005 on building permits and planning consents.)

Please note: do not confuse mobile homes or leisure accommodation vehicles with:

1/ Light leisure accommodation (LLA) without foundations, chalets and bungalows that are for leisure use, subject to more stringent legislation, able to be dismantled or moved and intended for seasonal use.

2/ Mobile vehicles (caravans).

Furthermore, the order of 28 September 2007 gives an even more precise definition of a mobile home by stipulating that vehicles corresponding to standard EN S56 410, ‘Mobile homes: definitions and methods of installation’ are considered ‘mobile homes’.

Where should I set up my mobile home?

The law sets out a strict framework for the set-up of a mobile home, restricting it to the following scenarios:
1 – You have rented a space on a campsite.
2 – You have purchased or rented ground in a residential leisure park.
3 – You are building or renovating a house. In this instance, you can set up your mobile home during the works on private ground (subject to the approval of the mayor).

Find the complete text for the law of 5 January 2007 on mobile homes on the government site: legifrance.gouv.fr