The mobile home for you

Choose your model from among the many layouts available—two or three bedrooms, one or two bathrooms.

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2 bedrooms

3 bedrooms

One bedroom

Customizing your interior decoration

To decorate and personalise your interior, O'Hara offers you a wide range of curtains and upholstery to combine as you please. View your customised design by using the simulator.
You can choose from six upholstery designs and four blackout curtain styles in different colours and coloured prints. These can be paired with the interior design made up of light-coloured wood and natural shades that produce a soft and bright atmosphere.

Upholstery colours

Curtain colours

Your O'Hara distributor will support you

Make sure you’re benefiting from the full range of expertise and advice from genuine outdoor accommodation professionals representing the brand across France. As mobile home experts, they offer a wide range of services to support you throughout the process. Discover the map of our distributors.

Service for Individuals

O'Hara supports you throughout your project: choice of mobile home and location, etc., and puts you in contact with the O'Hara distributor for the region you decide on.
Please feel free to call them for advice, to obtain a document, etc.

Residential Contact