“Garden Side”: a source of inspiration in the leisure accommodation market

O’HARA extends its 2019 SETT D’OR winning innovation, originally introduced on the Key West range, to other models

Beneteau Group Habitat Division Stand at Atlantica 2020 – 884 3-bed “Garden Side” model, equipped with new outdoor kitchen concept

This year, the innovative “Garden Side”, defined by its dual aspect layout, has come of age. Introduced on 884 3-bed and 844 2-bed models at the Atlantica Trade Fair in La Rochelle, the concept caused a sensation among visitors and exhibitors alike. The O’Hara design teams are extremely proud to have developed this add-on that is tearing up the camping rulebook once again!

We take a look back at the creative journey that led to the emergence of this innovation, which is opening new horizons in terms of pitch and site layout.

The ambition driving O’HARA’s innovation was to add genuine value to the rental offering of campsites.

O’HARA is at the forefront of the most significant innovations and design concepts in camping accommodation:

- The daring to turn our back on the pitched roof by offering a flat-roof option on our Key West models, set to grace the premium areas of campsites.
- A touch of playfulness, with multicoloured cladding that stands out from the masses of white mobile homes.
- A new approach, with an island unit that makes the kitchen the social and multifunctional heart of the space.
- The bold inclusion of a real sofa: now the rental mobile home has all the comforts of home.
- The technical expertise to integrate flat shower trays, waving goodbye to the cubicles usually associated with caravans.
- The bravery to choose a ceiling height of 2.30 metres, despite the small space, greatly altering how we perceive the environment.

Each of these innovations has enabled the market to enhance its high-end offering, traditionally aimed at high-earners and customers with more exacting demands in terms of comfort and design. But what really drives the teams developing the O’HARA range is a new vision of the mobile home, unbound by existing conventions. It is by observing life on the campsite, studying social change among holidaymakers, drawing from designer creations, and analysing how accommodation functions, that O’HARA fuels its imagination.

An innovation that effortlessly balances privacy with conviviality.

 “Garden Side” is more than just a second entrance to our mobile homes! It reimagines the pitch as a space that combines the three key values of camping: onneness with the landscape, privacy, and conviviality.


- The 844 2-bed or 884 3-bed is located at the side of the street, clad in one of the 15 colourways in the O’Hara range, subtle tones that blend perfectly with the environment. As they arrive “Street Side”, at this welcoming entrance, holidaymakers breathe a sigh of relief as they put down their cases and say to themselves ‘we’re home’!
- They then draw back the curtains on the rear French windows facing the “Garden Side” and discover a hidden oasis of greenery that will be theirs to enjoy for the duration of their stay.
- Finally, they have the luxury of choice: “Street Side” where they opt to meet new people, enjoy activities, discover the site facilities… Alternatively, they can choose the “Garden Side” for a serene environment, offering the privacy to reconnect with loved ones and with nature, far from the more convivial atmosphere they would have found had they chosen the other option.

Beneteau Group Habitat Division Stand at Atlantica 2020  –  844 2-bed model “Garden Side”

Inspiring the market… for O’HARA it’s a calling

The dual aspect layout has not only impressed at trade fares; it has also proved popular with campsites, many of which have already adopted the model, eager to remain at the forefront of the next major breakthrough in camping: accommodation with a garden…. Year after year, the brand innovates and inspires, but the sensations offered by an ORIGINAL O’HARA creation have never been equalled… that’s what makes us leaders.