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Mobile home Life - facilitate wheelchair movement

Specially designed to be accessible for everyone!
This model was designed for people with reduced mobility or other disabilities.

« O’Hara has designed this mobile home according to the recommended accessibility criteria of the Association Tourisme et Handicaps* for the mobility impaired, taking into account technical building requirements. However, the fulfilment of these criteria does not guarantee the awarding of the ATH seal of approval, which takes other elements into consideration (access, parking, an access ramp to the mobile home, services, activities, etc.), nor does it guarantee the acquisition of labels indicating suitability for the visually impaired or the hard of hearing, which depends on factors such as the selection of materials, household equipment and the positioning of lighting.» * ATH (French Tourism and Disability Association)

The Life mobile home has been specifically designed to facilitate wheelchair movement and access to all rooms : - The entrance door threshold measures no more than 20 mm (threshold ramp provided) - All doors are sliding with a minimum opening of 77 cm - Each room has a 150 cm turning space   The contrasting colours of the fittings and accessories aid visual recognition.   THE LIVING ROOM is spacious and features a rectangular dining table at a height of 70 cm.   THE BEDROOMS are fitted with raised beds to facilitate transfer to and from a wheelchair.   THE BATHROOM has a robust and watertight walk-in shower, a seat with removable backrest and an integrated toilet.

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