HATHA : the 1st passive mobile home

78%* of the environmental impact of a mobile home comes from its use. BIO HABITAT decided to devote 100% of its energy to reducing the energy consumed by holidaymakers.

The result is Hatha, the 1st passive mobile home, designed to reduce electricity consumption by 76%** thanks to ultra-reinforced insulation, ventilation adapted to "4-season" use and a choice of very low-energy consumption equipment. What's more, to further reduce the impact of the vacationer's use phase, Hatha has chosen equipment that saves 49.6%*** in water consumption. BIO HABITAT's forward-looking vision is resolutely focused on the future, aiming for low-carbon performance in both the construction and use phases of the mobile home.

* Source : Life cycle assessment by Ecomobilhome in 2022.
** Data provided by NERGIK Bureau d'études fluides
*** Source: Bio Habitat internal study

HATHA mobile home : - 45% ENERGY LOSS

Hatha concentrates all the solutions required for high-performance insulation and takes advantage of this new density to optimize interior comfort thanks to an enriched partition design.

On the outside, Hatha features triple-panel insulation clad in glass wool with a very high thermal resistance coefficient, to ward off both the heat and cold of winter.

* Source: data from NERGIK Bureau d'études fluides

HATHA mobile home : - 49% water consumption

In Hatha, everything has been designed for water management to achieve savings of almost 50%* during the use phase. Water from the shower is collected and filtered to feed the toilet flush directly. A 4.5 l/min low-flow showerhead completes the shower room system. In the kitchen, the sink mixer tap is equipped with a 50% flow reducer that can be unlocked. And let's not forget the connected water meter, which enables precise monitoring of consumption and alerts you in the event of overconsumption.

*Source: BIO HABITAT internal study

HATHA mobile home : - 76% overall electricity consumption

A reversible air-conditioning system ensures the comfort of the passenger compartment, reducing electricity consumption by 25 to 40%* compared with conventional electric heating. Also incorporating a heat pump, the thermodynamic water heater consumes 2.5 times* less electricity than a standard electric hot water tank.

* Source : Supplier data
** SCOP : Coefficient of Seasonal Technical Performance


HATHA mobile home overview