A PREMIUM service

To please the most discerning of customers, O’Hara focuses its designs on wellbeing:


Three models in the range have the new dual-entrance layout, pushing the boundaries of design, with the large bay windows swinging open onto the rear garden. This applies to 844 2 bed, 884 3 bed and 1064 3 bed 2 bathrooms.

The Garden Side re-imagines campsite plots with a new focus on outdoor living. Holidaymakers in search of wellbeing and authenticity will be at home basking in nature. For a sensational, sensory, experience-based holiday, it’s even more relevant now that there is limited parking on pitches.

O’Hara offers a broad range of colours and textures for façades on the market, with 19 colours to mix and match to suit your taste. Muted tones which blend seamlessly into the natural, verdant environment.

The season’s favourite is the larger than life façade! Digital printing on 100% recyclable PVC using a 3D scan of raw materials. These façades realistically imitate textures, colours and materials.

Mobile homes for an exemplary campsite

For more than 20 years, O’Hara has been offering both a range of regularly updated best sellers and innovative products that are a big hit. The wide choice of models means you can design your campsite like a village and renew your rental accommodation with pleasure.

Rental range: A prestigious and complete range that meets all your expectations, with 12 models to choose from, with or without terraces, two or three bedrooms, with customisable exterior (19 different colours) and interior (three upholsteries, three curtains). With O’Hara every mobile home is an original creation!

Key West range: High-end accommodation, a novel and contemporary architectural concept.