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The mobile home for you

Choose your model from among the many layouts available—two or three bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, or a special version for people with reduced mobility.

2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms
2-bed 734 (7,35 x 4 m – 26,3 m²)

– 2-bed 784 (7,85 x 4 m – 28,1 m²)

– 2-bed 2 bath 865 (8,65 x 4,25 m – 33,2 m²)

Life /PMR (8,50 x 4 m – 30,5 m²)

3 bed 784 (7,85 x 4 m – 28,1 m²)

3 bed 834 (8,35 x 4 m – 30 m²)

3 bed 884 (8,85 x 4 m – 31,8 m²)

– 3 bed 2 bath 1064 (10,63 x 4 m – 38,4 m²)

For more details, click on the model that interests you.

Personnalisation de votre décoration intérieure

To decorate and personalise your interior, O’Hara offers you a wide range of curtains and upholstery to combine as you please. View your customised design by using the simulator.
You can choose from six upholstery designs and four blackout curtain styles in different colours and coloured prints. These can be paired with the interior design made up of light-coloured wood and natural shades that produce a soft and bright atmosphere.


Upholstery colours

couleur-pierrette couleur-pepper couleur-hortense couleur-clementine couleur-cerise

Curtain colours

couleur-blueginger couleur-amandine couleur-blenny couleur-helice


Unique exterior design


Pour un entretien sans contrainte, l’extérieur est en bardage polyvinyle couleur « gris sable », avec la possibilité de choisir une couleur en façade avant pour faire de votre mobil-home, un modèle unique.


2014_930_2CH_EXT_D  EXT 830 2ch

Optimisez le confort de votre intérieur avec le Pack Résidentiel

Designed to improve the comfort of your mobile home’s interior, the Residential Pack option available on the 3-bed 2-bath 1064 model allows for use in all seasons thanks to its tailored facilities:
– Roller shutters in all bedrooms,
– 500 W convector heaters in bedrooms and bathrooms,
-Upholstered corner sofa with storage compartments,
-Soft blackout curtains giving your interior personality and brightness,
-Pre-installed dishwasher with unit.


Everything has been designed for your stays to be as pleasant as possible all year round.




canape_pack-residentiel        canape_pack-residentiel_coussins        rideau_pack_residentiel

Visit your future mobile home in our show home areas

There are two show home areas, one in St-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (Vendée department) and one in Beaucaire (Gard department). Each has two special representatives able to support you throughout your plan, including your choice of mobile home and location. They can also put you in touch with the O’Hara distributor for the region you decide on.
Please feel free to call them for advice, to obtain a document, etc.
Prepare for your visit by booking an appointment with one our advisors. Make sure they will be available on the day when you visit.

St Gilles Croix de Vie (85)



Beaucaire (30)

Fabienne MARCOU


Your O’Hara distributor will support you

Make sure you’re benefiting from the full range of expertise and advice from genuine outdoor accommodation professionals representing the brand across France. As mobile home experts, they offer a wide range of services to support you throughout the process.