Manufacturer of
eco-designed mobile homes


co-designed mobile homes—quality guaranteed
The O’Hara mobile homes offer production quality at every level with a design to ensure optimum comfort inside. Built on the principle of timber-framed houses, they combine well-being, comfort and practicality.

chassis_mobil_home A reliable frame with a galvanised steel structure and wooden cross-member reinforcements.
ossature_bois Solid wood frame walls with a thickness of 50 mm.
toiture_resistante Resistant, C-rated roof, able to withstand a 200 kg/m³ load.
ouvrants_doubles_vitrages Building-type (4-16-4) double-glazed windows and doors to offer insulation for all seasons.
isolation_6_faces Effective glass wool insulation on all six surfaces (100 mm in the roof, 50 mm in the floor and 45 mm in the walls).
equipements_intérieurs Energy-saving interior fittings (100%-LED bulbs, A+-rated household appliances, a dual flush toilet and flow reducers on taps).

Environmental commitment // Standards

The brand’s environmental commitment
A key brand value, the environment is a focus in all areas, from design to manufacturing and use. O’Hara has been the leading manufacturer in sustainable development terms since 2005, recognised by the ISO 14001 standard for its production sites and all of its activities.
To guarantee you comfort, health and safety, O’Hara mobile homes comply with the European EN 1647 standard, which sets the requirements for mobile home builders. Depending on the model, more than 180 control points are checked to gain certification and a compliance certificate from the external auditing firm.
Making the environment a source of quality and well-being is a value shared by 800 employees who work every day to offer incomparable relaxation and well-being to families on holiday.