Bold design

When you enter the new mobile homes from O’HARA’s high-end collection, you are immediately struck by the feeling that you are inside a cutting-edge design magazine!

The first thing you notice is the dining table. O’HARA has given it an iconic silhouette: an oval table top perched on a single central leg, reminiscent of a tulip table, for a rounded style allowing people to easily move around the room. It can comfortably seat up to six guests.



In the kitchen, the high-end fittings line up along a marble effect worktop, all the way to the back panel of the cooking area. You are taken in by the alluring combination of mineral and wooden materials alongside the gilded wood of the wall and floor units and drawers.




The adult’s room has been designed to look like a hotel room, with an alcove in the headboard. The intelligently-designed headboard provides room for all your belongings: integrated bedside tables, full-length shelves, bedside tables with curved edges and beautifully-preserved furniture.


The comfortable bedroom will have you sleeping like a log, and is also the perfect setting for getting lost in a good book. On each side of the bed you can move around and get dressed without disturbing the other person. Clothes are within easy reach, behind charming rattan doors, with a retro feel. It’s all about the detail!




In the children’s room, O’HARA hasn’t forgotten about the adults. The ceiling is high enough for adults to sit on the mezzanine bed.


Easy Clean, design equals comfort. Easy Clean aims to make you feel like you’re the first person to use the shower room in your mobile home. That’s the challenge they set themselves. Smooth shower walls with no nooks and crannies, a perfectly flat tray that can be spray cleaned with water and a flush drain in front of the tray for easy access. Everything has been designed so the surfaces can be easily and hygienically maintained. The furniture has a corrosion-resistant powder-coated finish, making it perfectly waterproof so it does not deteriorate over time.