Dual-entrance “Garden Side” layout

Our Garden Side hideaway is our cutting edge home which fully showcases the blend between intimacy and conviviality

Garden Side is more than just a mobile home with two entrances! It means designing a campsite plot as a space dedicated to the three campsite values: landscape integration, intimacy and friendliness.

Imagine a mobile home adorned with an imitation dry stone façade, set on the edge of a Provençal campsite road. On arrival at the welcoming entrance, visitors exclaim “We're here!” as they put down their suitcases and let out a sigh. Then, as they draw back the nude-coloured curtain on the rear façade, they discover a small garden, complete with stylish, yet comfortable outdoor furniture. Time to sit back and drift off to the sound of the cicadas

In 2022, O’Hara is launching Garden Side mobile homes 844 2 bed, 884 3 bed and 1064 3 bed boasting large bay windows swinging out onto the back garden, setting it apart as a luxury pitch.  Whether it’s calm or excitement you're after, serenity or merriment, privacy or togetherness, the choice is yours. That’s what camping holidays are all about: some time by yourself and some time with others. Garden Side or roadside? Why should you have to choose when you can have both?